Flying to Tirana is very cheap and the prices in Albania are really cheap too. Don’t worry about finding the cheapest flight to get here. We can deal for your best solution. We will help you to choose the dates that will best suit your needs in order to find the cheapest and convenient solution for you. Your comfort is our goal.


When you arrive at Tirana Airport, you will be welcomed by our qualified staff who will make your stay in Albania comfortable. You will find nice and smiling people who will accompany you to the Hotel and Clinic and will advise you the best places to enjoy your free time.


We have several 3/4 star seaside hotels where you can enjoy all the comforts you can find. There are beautiful places to visit and WI-FI connection always active to keep in touch with your family. Make a selfie and send it to all your friends to let them see your brand new smile.




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